Whole Pakistan "Grew up watching Bollywood" says Sanam Saeed 

Pak actor Sanam Saeed says that Pakistan has a good understanding of Indian culture, however India isn't aware of the finer specifics of the Indian culture.

Pakistani actor Sanam Saeed has said that generations of the "whole of Pakistan" have been exposed to films and the content of Bollywood and know the most minute details about India however, Indians aren't as enlightened to the culture and art of Pakistan. 

Sanam became famous after her show on TV Zindagi Gulzar Hai opposite Fawad Khan was aired in Pakistan in 2012. A few years after, Indian audience got to see the show, and it were a hit in India as well.

Sanam told Indian Express in an interview "Personally I'm more than an Hollywood fan. However, the entire population of Pakistan is a child of Bollywood From our parents to us.

We have seen Madhubala, Kareena Kapoor stuff and even Deepika Padukone. We've seen all generations. We've grown up consuming Bollywood music, the songs and dance, the lifestyle, the food they eat and how they conduct an oath. 

She added, "Kuch bhi nahi pata, hum log kis tarah daal chawal khaate hai, woh andaaz alag hota hai (Indians don’t know how we eat, how we are). The way we wear salwar kameez, tie our hair, there are these small differences. We know the difference between what an Indian choti (braid) is, but I don’t think India knows what the Pakistani choti is like. 

Sanam has been an actor or video jockey, as well as model. She also was an actress and stand-up comedian. She was also a part in the band house during the third season of the Pakistani edition on Coke Studio. 

She was replaced by Natasha De Souza on the show. Sanam will be reunited with Zindagi Gulzar Co-star Fawad Khan in Asim Abbasi's new show which was announced in 2021.