Neighbors start wearing protective gear as Owl attacks Buckhead neighborhood

Neighborhoods begin to wear protective gear when an Owl is threatening Buckhead neighborhood

For more than seven months residents in Brookwood Hills in south Buckhead have said they wouldn’t walk out of their homes in the early morning hours or at night , without protection gear in case of being assaulted.

“I’m afraid to go out because of this issue,” said Stephanie Oppenheimer. “I find myself stuck in my house.”

“It always happens from behind, therefore it’s not that you’re able to predict it,” said Elizabeth Buyarski.

Two neighbors reported that an owl was terrorizing their area since the beginning of September.

“Sometimes it would fly in and grab all three at times, it would also grab someone’s hat, and sometimes it would swoop down and attack three of them with its claws. It’s not afraid from humans.” claimed Oppenheimer.

Oppenheimer told her that an owl came into her on a morning walk.

“It felt like I’d been struck from behind by bat.” Oppenheimer said. Oppenheimer.

Based on a poll of the neighborhood that was conducted, more than 80 attacks have been reported within a short distance of. While it is most common in the evening however, there have been some instances in the daytime. Some say it happens after people and sometimes it’s groups.

“Unfortunately around a month ago, there was a crowd of children waiting to catch buses to school,” said Buyarski.

To ensure their safety To be safe, some of their neighbors are wearing safety equipment.

“A majority of people began wearing helmets for their bikes,” said Buyarski.

“People are walking along the street wearing umbrellas, bats and umbrellas. They’re carrying things to safeguard themselves from harm,” Oppenheimer said. Oppenheimer.

The Department of Natural Resources confirmed that it was an owl with barred markings, however they do not believe that the owl is guarding its nest. They think it’s been engraved on humans.

“This Owl was taken as a chick, or fledging, and someone raised it up and let go of it…so that’s why it’s swooping, but not understanding why the individual does not want it near the person,” said DNR’s Kaitlin Goode.

Goode declares that imprinting can last forever which means there’s no simple solution. Hopefully, this incident can serve as a cautionary tale.

“Don’t play with the baby animal,” said Goode.

Because this owl is made a mark with humans DNR states that this makes it difficult to capture the owl. If they do catch him it, they’ll send the owl to a remote location that is completely uninhabited with humans. Remember, it could be a long time in this instance.

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