World’s oldest person, French nun, Sister Andre, passes away at age 118

Sister Andre, a French nun, died at the age 118 in Toulon, France. Her retirement home stated. David Tavella, her spokesman, said that she died Tuesday morning at 2 AM local time. She expressed sadness but wanted it to be true. It was her wish to join her brother. It is freedom for her,” Tavella stated.

Hubert Falco (the city’s mayor) also tweeted the news. “..I learned tonight about the passing of #SisterAndre, the oldest person in the world. It was a sad and emotional experience. Lucile Randon was born February 11, 1904 and adopted the name Sister Andre in 1944 when she joined a Catholic charitable organization.

After testing positive for COVID-19 a month prior to her 117th Birthday, she survived.
She was a child care worker during World War II, and then spent 28 years caring to orphans and the elderly at a hospital.The beloved nun received a note from President Macron on her 118th birthday last February. Macron is 18th French president she has seen lead during her lifetime. Since her birth, she has seen ten Popes take the reins at the Vatican.

According to the Gerontology Research Group (GRG), Sister Andre was the oldest living person in the world according to their World Supercentenarian Rankings List.After Kane Tanaka, an elderly Japanese woman, passed away at the age of just 119, she became the world’s oldest living person. Maria Branyas Morera (115 years old), a Spanish supercentenarian born in America, became the world’s oldest living person after her death. Sister Andre once gave credit to chocolate and wine for her long, healthy life.

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