More than 900 million people in China affected by Covid: Chinese university study

A staggering 990 millions (90 million) Chinese people have been affected by Covid during China’s ongoing battle to contain Covid’s spread virus for more than one month after removing from most restrictions related to pandemics according to a research conducted by Peking University. This is equivalent to 64 percent of the population.

Gansu province located in northwestern China contains 91 percent of people who are infected with COVID-19. It is located about 1500 kilometers southwest of capital Beijing Peking University study found there are 239 million who had been affected by Covid from China’s Gansu province.

Gansu’s devastation Covid outbreak is being then followed by Yunnan (84 percent) as well as Qinghai (80 percent) provinces.

Recent reports citing Chinese epidemiologists have suggested that cases are expected to increase in the countryside of China during New Year’s lunar cycle.

How do China’s Covid crisis will it last?

The Covid outbreak is expected to last for two or three months longer, as per Zeng Guang, a former head of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control who informed BBC it was likely that the Covid surge will reach its peak in the in the next two-three months.

Many older and disabled people in rural areas of China are left out with regard to Covid treatments, said he said.

What is the reason for this widespread spread of Covid In China?

The continuing spreading of this virus has been fuelled by the massive travel happening in China in the lead up to Lunar New Year which starts on January 23rd.

It is believed that the Lunar New Year holidays in China that officially begin on January 21st, are the largest annual movement of people. Around two billion journeys are expected to be completed and 10 million travelers have already made their way, BBC reported.

Since reversing China’s zero Covid policy last month China has been unable to publish daily Covid numbers.

However, images from cities like Beijing as well as Shanghai have revealed the extent of the problem triggered by the spreading of Covid in China. Hospitals have been filled with an increasing number of Covid patients.

It was reported that the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared that China is notoriously under-reporting Covid deaths.

Despite the wider spreading of Covid China has reported just over 5,000 deaths related to Covid since the start of this pandemic.

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