Nicolas Cage Has No Plans to join the ‘Star Wars’ Universe Anytime Soon “I’m an avid Trekkie”

The actor in ‘Old way’ spoke out about his possible role in the Star Wars franchise by saying “I’m not part of the ‘Star Wars family. I’m part of the ‘Star Trek family.”

People who imagine the day when they will see Nicolas Cage in a Star Wars project might not wish to be swayed by the hype.

The Moonstruck actor revealed to Yahoo Entertainment in an interview this week, while promoting his upcoming Western, The Old Way that is currently playing in theaters, that he’s the “Trekkie man. It’s the Star Trek Enterprise. It’s where I go.”

In the past, The Mandalorian actor Pedro Pascal informed the publication that he’d previously suggested that he bring Cage to Star Wars. Stars Wars universe. In response to the suggestion, Pedro Pascal, the National Treasure star said he’s “not at all interested.”

Cage stated that he’s been an avid Star Trek fan since childhood and keeps up to date with the latest Star Trek films featuring Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. “I’m not part of”the Star Wars family. I’m part of”the Star Trek family.”

“I have always been a fan of [WilliamShatner] in the movies,” the actor said. “I considered that Pine (as Captain Kirk the character was created by Shatnerwas fantastic in the films. I think the films are fantastic. I enjoy the social and political messages. For me, what science fiction really is about and the reason it’s important character is the fact that it is possible to express whatever you want, however think. It’s like putting it on an entirely different planet, set it in a completely different time or even the future and with no one getting in your way it is possible to really write your thoughts as Orwell or anyone else in the form of science-fiction. Then Star Trek really embraced that.”

Since 1979 since 1979, since 1979, the Star Trek franchise has been extremely popular, and has produced 13 films so far. Star Wars has also found many successes since the year 1978, including eleven live-action films and a variety of TV shows that followed.

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