9 Movies You Only Need to Watch Once

Some films are designed to be watched repeatedly time. This could be due to the fact that they are so complex and complex that it requires many viewings in order to fully understand or because the movie is a beloved classic that is loved by those who can recall every word the film never gets boring or, more specifically, in the case of comedy, the jokes that are portrayed on screen seem like comfort food and fans who are hungry are always coming back for more thirds, or…fourteenths.

On the other hand there are movies where only one viewing is sufficient. Like the endlessly replayable films, there are different reasons in the case of one-and-done movies as well. This could be because of a film’s violent and grotesque or shocking subject matter, or, the fact that when a viewer is aware of the end of the story, the essence of the film – its mysterious aspect – becomes obvious, or it could be due to the fact that the film is too long. This doesn’t mean that these can be considered “bad” film. They’re definitely worth watching but that’s it There’s no reason to return to them later.

Requiem for a Dream

If anyone wants to remind themselves that drugs are harmful and can cause havoc in anyone’s life, take a look at Darren Aronsofsky’s Requiem for a Dream (2000). It follows number individuals who after playing around with substances gradually become addicted. The film reveals the shocking extent to which they go in order to obtain their fix and the consequences of their addictions , such as an arm amputation psychological delusions, shock therapy as well as a shocking sex work scene.

The Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis was dead the entire time. Apologies for the huge spoiler, but this is the foundation on the which the M. Night Shyamlan’s 1998 psychological thriller The Sixth Sense, is constructed. After the viewer is aware after the first time they’ve seen it revisiting the film is a completely different experience. It’s in fact, as the term suggests, “spoiled.” That’s not to say, however, that even for those who are watching it on their first viewing the twist’s ending is worth the effort. It was a surprise to no one.

American History X

Though highly praised, especially for the performance of Edward Norton’s Academy Award nominated role, American History X (1998) is a difficult film to look. It tackles the injustices, racism, and hatred within the prison system as well as a lot of disturbing, graphic violence and sarcasm. Yes, it has amazing performances from actors; however, it’s subject, coupled with the disturbing images can be quite frightening. Because of that, American History X is one of the films that any cinephile must watch, but perhaps only one time.

The Machinist

When talking about The Machinist (2004), the most frequent thing to be discussed is the dramatic physique of Christian Bale’s transformation, losing 60 pounds as a sleepy factory worker. The movie is quite, to put it lightly dark and bleak. His character, played by Bale, is suffering and not just because of his sleep deprivation and his swollen frame. Then, when the big reveal happens to reveal that the source of Bale’s suffering stems from an earlier hit-and-run accident and the audience learns that much of what happened before was just an unrelieved, guilt-driven and sleep-deprived hallucination.

Schindler’s List

Films that are often on “best films that have ever been made” lists can be difficult to watch again – for instance, Steven Spielberg’s 1993 Best-Picture-Award-winning historical epic Schindler’s List. The film depicts the horrendous events from Holocaust-related violence. Holocaust and, even though it is a story about an “good person” (Liam Neeson, as Oskar Schindler) who secretly fights against the Nazi regime but it does not avoid the reality of what took place in one of the greatest historical tragedies. Because it demonstrates how cruel human nature can be this isn’t a film the majority of viewers would like to watch a few times.


Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier is loved and hated for his provocateur work in the cinema. Films by him are dark and frightening Yet he’s also known for his ingenuity and for challenging boundaries. In the 2009 film Antichrist Von Trier achieved all of that. Infected by the tragic death of their son A couple (played by Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) go to a cabin hidden in the woods. After that, the scene turns disturbing, including sexual violence, satanic ceremonies as well as self-mutilation. It’s not for the faint of heart.

The Blair Witch Project

In 1999 the Blair Witch Project was unlike any other film that had come before it. The film was among the most popular indies of all time. It created an entire “found footage” genre. It also utilized a marketing strategy that was unconventional that included missing person reports that ingenuously enticed viewers into thinking that it was a documentary instead of a fiction work. As time went by the appeal of the style’s nostalgic home-movie ambiance has faded. It was fresh and innovative in its time however, it’s not something that many horror enthusiasts are willing to go back to watch nowadays.


As as a documentary, Shoah is a cinematic accomplishment due to its extensive detail-oriented and intensely accurate depiction of the Holocaust. Through interviews with survivors and civilians who were affected by the horrors, it provides an intimate look into one of the most horrific periods in human history. This is a serious subject. This is the kind of subject matter such a shambles, that it’s not something people would like to watch repeatedly. Also the fact that the documentary runs nine and one-half hours in length, which means that it’s not for everyone to watch it several occasions.

A Serbian Film

Famous for being listed with “the most disturbing films ever made,” The film Serbian Film is undeniably shocking in its brutality, disgusting, and tragic. The story follows an elderly actor in the film industry who is recruited to appear in the snuff genre, However this film is not like the others and features a variety of disgusting sexual situations. What follows is a sequence of scenes that are increasingly shocking. This film has become so shocking in actuality it was rated NC-17 in United States the film garnered an NC-17 rating, which means that it’s a step higher in sexiness, in that it’s more “adults just” than an R film.

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