The creepy reason that you shouldn’t have Alexa within your home

A lot of us have Amazon Echo devices (better known as Alexa) within our homes. You may have been lucky enough to get one of them as a gift this Christmas season. You may not know that even though you are technically able to store your Alexa device in any room of your home, you should not keep it in your bedroom.

Why can’t I put my phone at home in the bedroom?

The Alexa device is useful for many things. It is capable of playing music you love to answering questions that you do not feel like looking up yourself. But, since it is made to listen to your voice It is designed to always be listening and therefore record conversations without the consent of you.

Anyone who buys an Alexa has to agree to the possibility that it may be recording you. It could give you security by placing it in the exact spot that you are comfortable with having guests in.

HOW DO YOU RECEIVE ALEXA to speak more like YOU

Since it’s recording constantly The device should be kept away from the most intimate areas in your house, like bathrooms and your bedroom is a good idea.

It’s better to leave your Alexa in rooms that are more likely to entertain guests, such as the kitchen or living room.

Who is listening to my conversations? Alexa has recorded?

However unsettling it may appear, Amazon’s staff members at Amazon is likely to hear certain conversations that you are having with you Alexa device. Amazon confirmed this to be the case but it also assured its customers that it will only listen to conversations to research purposes and enhance the understanding of human speech in the future for improvements. Each person on the Alexa team at Amazon is able to review up to 1,000 audio clips each day.

Can I turn off my recording unit on Alexa?

A lot of complaints were filed with Amazon when users discovered that the recordings were being made without their permission. In response to the criticism, Amazon has since adjusted its Alexa settings to ensure that customers are able to turn off the recording device at any time they want to. Here’s how you can stop you Alexa from recording your voice whenever you want:

Start the Alexa app on your phone

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Privacy
  • Tap Manage Your Alexa Data
  • Select the length of time you want to save Records
  • Select Don’t save Recordings and select Confirm
  • Scroll down to Improve Alexa
  • Click on Use of Voice Recordings and switch off the feature.

How do you stop Alexa from spying on you

There is a way to Mute Alexa Echos The display or speaker will feature an mute button that appears similar to the image in the picture below. Press that button, and the red light will flash on your device. This signifies Alexa isn’t responding to commands.

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