Tamil Nadu Farmer Dresses Goats in Sacks to prevent them from Being drenched, and Earns Praise

To prevent goats from getting wet during the rain, one farmer in Orathanad within the Thanjavur district dressed the animals in bags. People are praising this farmer’s concern about goats as well as livestock and refer to it as “goats enjoying a raincoat”.

Ganesan 70-year-old Ganesan is from Ganesan, 70, hails from the Kulamangalam village near Orathanad located in the Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district. Ganesan is a farmer who loves raising animals like cows, goats, and chickens. In the meantime, his goats were experiencing problems due to the continuous rains in Thanjavur that made it impossible for them to go out into the pasture.

The 70-year-old farmer regarded his farm goats to be their own animals, he was unhappy having goats that were soaked in rain and freezing cold in the rain.

In search of for a solution set up empty sacks over the goats and let them go to graze every day. Villagers who witnessed the gesture were moved. They applauded him. They also took photos of goats with sacks on and shared pictures on social media sites and received a lot of interest of the.

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