Emily Ratajkowski Bought Her Son A Baby Doll And Tea Set. Find Out Why?

Actress and model Emily Ratajkowski is working hard to ensure her son has fun with a variety of toys, not only the trucks he is fond of she shared on her podcast.

The mother of one, 31, said that her son Sylvester exhibits a natural tendency towards toys targeted at boys. But, Ratajkowski isn’t letting his desires stop her from providing toys she would like Sylvester to enjoy playing with.

She as well as the guest Julia Fox, who is also a single mom, discussed their parenting philosophy during Tuesday’s edition on “High Low with EmRata.”

Fox stated that “it’s hard” parenting her son, because “you just don’t want to have them end up like every single guy you’ve ever met.”

“It’s like, how do you stop this conditioning from occurring?” she said.

“It’s crazy, Sly loves trucks,” Ratajkowski acknowledged when she spoke of her one-year-old. “He gets so excited, he loves to play with anything with wheels.”

She went on to say, “This morning, I ordered him a baby doll and a tea set because I’m like, ‘We got to balance this out.’ But also, is this just what he likes naturally?”

Fox confirmed that view and said the son Valentino is “crazy” over trucks but that the boy is also “loves pushing around a stroller with a little doll in it.” For her part she made sure that the boy was equipped with a pink truck to play with.

Ratajkowski said that she’d bought her son an orange convertible, saying that it made her “so sad” thinking about how she’ll encourage him to “toughen up” in the future.

“Are those the little ways that you can start to help with making sure that the conditioning doesn’t happen?” the Sports Illustrated model said. “And also spending a lot of time around women?”

“And that’s where the patriarchy hurts men,” Fox responded. “Because I feel like men are really these repressed individuals.”

Fox is a former dominatrix who was briefly with Kanye West earlier in the year, is a mother of a child with her ex-boyfriend Peter Artemiev. The couple split shortly after Valentino was born in January 2021.

At the same time, Ratajkowski was married to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard after they gave birth to Sylvester in the month of March 2021. The couple has been estranged following their split in the summer. Ratajkowski was divorced in the month of September, amid accusations that he was not faithful to her.

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