10 Most Underrated Captain America Villains

Captain America is one of the most famous heroes to emerge from comics unlike Superman and Batman having more acclaim. The hero is so important that the film franchise he has created is expected to continue even without Chris Evans in the role in the form of Captain America: New World Order with Anthony Mackie fully taking the Captain America mantle in the series.

Despite Captain America’s popularity but many of his enemies remain obscure. The such as Red Skull and Zemo might be well-known to casual fans however, there are plenty of villains who have tried to test Captain America’s abilities. First Avenger, many of who Reddit has deemed as not being well-known.

Batroc The Leaper

The character was created in 1966 from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Batroc The Leaper first met with Captain America when the former was employed by A.I.M to take a weapon known as the Inferno-42 Cylinder. Since then Batroc has kept the star-studded patriot on his toes due to his signature style of kickboxing.

Although he’s a tad forgettable villain (in comparison to Marvel’s most well-known adversaries), Batroc has his admirers, including TigerUSF, who claimed that they “especially enjoy Batroc.” It’s easy to understand why, considering his charismatic personality, distinctive fighting style, and a colorful costume.


In a post about Captain America’s underrated rogue’s gallery one Redditor wrote “Can’t ignore Sin. I have a love for Sin.” It’s true that one should not forget about the descendant of”the” Red Skull.

While the constant reboots and retcons by Marvel have given Sin with no chance of establishing her as the successor to Red Skull Red Skull – and desperately have to be ended, according to Reddit Sin remains an extremely dangerous threat. as the leader of the Sisters of Sin, she’s been close to defeating Captain America on numerous occasions even despite the fact that she doesn’t possess any power.

Doctor Faustus

Inspired by the mythology of Faust Doctor Faustus has been one of the most obscure Marvel villains. But despite this Redditor Cshelton002 has praised the character for having the quality of being “pretty awesome.”

As with the majority of Captain America villains, Doctor Faustus doesn’t require powers to harm his fellow First Avenger. His charismatic personality and psychological manipulative skills allow him to penetrate the heart of Steve Rogers’ heart, particularly when Faustus threatens those of Peggy and Sharon Carter.

Mother Night

When asked to name some of Captain Marvel’s most memorable villains, No_Prize4655 suggested “Mother Night” as a possible choice. Although she’s not as powerful as the power like Red Skull or the longevity of somebody like Strucker or Baron Strucker, Mother Night has shown herself to be as shady and morally bankrupt two villains.

Mother Night’s appearances are numerous, even though she’s only seen a handful of comics prior to the 1970s. Mother Night was the lover and confidant of Red Skull and was responsible for the training of Sin and infiltrated SHIELD several times and even commanded her own group, the Sisters of Sin before her loss at the hands of The Winter Soldier.

Serpent Society

One of the villain teams Captain America has fought in his adventures The Serpent Society are among the few Cap villains without obvious political motives. This is the reason why Redditors such as TrpTrp26 have been calling on their behalf for inclusion into the MCU.

In addition to their fun, but adorable snake-themed look, the team are also known for their dedication to worker rights. They are known as a supervillains union is one of the most solid and stable teams of Marvel Comics, a fact which has been noticed by some readers.

Flag Smasher

The inspiration behind the massively dissected group of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier television show The Flag Smasher is among the most well-known non-Nazi villains Captain America has gone up against. It’s due to this fact that the No Prize4655 website named him One of First Avenger’s “top top villains.”

As the group the group he joined Flag Smasher is an anarchist who believes that all nations are evil and must be eliminated. This is an extreme view that’s reasonable given the complexities of global politics.

Aleksander Lukin

In naming villains to explain the reason Captain America “has Marvel’s best Rogues Gallery,” Redditor No_Prize4655 ranked the somewhat obscure Aleksander Lukin among the characters of Baron Zemo and the Red Skull. Lukin may not be as powerful as the two above however he is still seen as a formidable adversary.

It was invented through Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting, Aleksander Lukin was the manager of the Winter Soldier and a skilled KGB agent responsible for the demise of the Red Skull. Even though he was unable to control his single significant asset as a result of Captain America obtaining the cosmic cube, Lukin was still a source of contention for Bucky.

Madame Hydra/Viper

Based on TheZombiePriest2000, “Madame Hydra” is among the most effective Captain America villains. Although this Reddit user is among the few who have made this claim, he is correct in calling out Hydra as a worthy opponent for Cap.

The name implies that Madame Hydra was a HYDRA agent. HYDRA prior to her defection into in the Serpent Gang. Despite her change of affiliation, she remained to torture Captain America by kidnapping Rick Jones as well as commandeering the SHIELD Helicarrier and contaminating Washington DC’s drinking water.


In a discussion thread about the often-ignored villains in The Captain America comics, Redditor Monarch619 stated “M.O.D.O.K. must be out there.” Although the ferocious adversary has been featured in several television shows and is slated to play the villain for the first time in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania His status as an official Captain America enemy is often lost in the shuffle.

What is it that makes MODOK an imposing and a formidable foe in Cap’s First Avenger is that they are mirrors of each other. In contrast to the way Cap was a fan of his super-soldier serum in order to increase his strength and physical power, MODOK performed a mutagenic experiment on himself, which increased his intelligence, but at the expense to his physical. It’s this conflict that fuels MODOK’s hatred for Captain America and makes their battle so interesting.

Baron Strucker

Being the founder of HYDRA As the original leader of HYDRA, it is still a shame the fact that Baron Wolfgang of Strucker is not given much recognition as an individual. A large part of the reason is his past as an arch-enemy of Nick Fury, though this fact doesn’t deter Redditors such as TheZombiePriest2000 from saying that he is”their “favorite Captain America villain.”

Although he hasn’t been a scuffle with Cap frequently in the flesh, Strucker did famously attack the First Avenger in the form of a life-model decoy in the beginning of 2000s. His attempts didn’t work however, they did prove to Strucker the Red Skull the fact that HYDRA is required to bring back the true Strucker to be successful and flourish, which tells much about the character’s ability.

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