10 Anime Series That Could Make Great Otome Games

Otome games are novels that use visuals where players play as the main character and enters the world of their character for a few minutes. Some of them include romance in them, where players choose which romance path they’d like to follow. While most include romantic themes, new players shouldn’t enter the genre expecting only stories that are lighthearted and fluffy.

There are many similar games however the most effective ones are darker and have engaging plots that immerse gamers in the narrative. Some otome games have been made into anime series and reversed. Many anime series could be entertaining with otome games.

Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast For Spirits Has An enchanting cast and an interesting Theme That’s Perfect for an Otome Game

Kakuriyo: Bed And Breakfast For Spirits follows Aoi an individual who is able to see supernatural beings who are from The Hidden Realm. Her grandfather also had this ability and taught her to live with supernatural creatures. Unfortunately, he passed away and left Aoi alone to fight for her life and fight evil spirits.

A few days ago, Aoi was teleported to the Hidden Realm and had to be the owner of a restaurant to pay the debts of her father’s. Kakuriyo contains adorable yokai, tengu and other supernatural entities that make a wonderful Otome-based game, like Cafe Enchante.

This Fate Series Deserves A Good Otome Game

The Fate series has captured the imagination of readers with light novels, anime, and numerous video games over the decades. It would be interesting to find out how an otome-based game will fare against the other games the fans already have.

The Fate series features a wide number of characters as well as intricate worldbuilding, making it be the perfect choice to get an otome adaptation. Fans have already started to speculate about which characters will be included in the Fate game. Many are hoping the characters Gilgamesh, Archer, Jekyll and Hyde will be able to play with playable routes.

Haikyuu! Could be a Fun and Lighthearted Otome Game

Haikyuu! is a huge cast of characters, as well as plenty of charming husbandos from each of the various teams. If Haikyuu! would receive an adaptation in the form of an otome the result would be a fun game in which the players can pick which of their favourite characters’ paths to take.

The exuberant Shoyo Hinata is a must-have for a possible route, but other characters are equally worth a look. Fukurodani’s wildly popular Bokuto Koutaro, the Inarizaki’s Miya Twins, the clean freak Sakusa Kiyoomi and Nekoma’s clever Captain, Kuroo Tetsurou, would all have interesting routes.

Hellsing would be a thrilling Dark Fantasy Otome Game

Everyone loves an interesting vampire story and especially when Halloween is near. Hellsing doesn’t appear to be to be the most likely or appropriate choice for an adaptation of the otome initially, but it could be an excellent title if it ever came to realization.

It’s an exciting dark fantasy, much like Nightshade. Fans will be immersed into Alucard’s dark and twisted universe even if they didn’t take on his journey. There may also be paths that are geared towards Integra, Walter, and Pip. Additionally, it could include two distinct routes for each character. One with a an “good” ending and the other with typical horror movie “bad” conclusion.

A Few of Demon Slayer’s Hashira Are Excellent Candidates for A Otome Route

The Demon Slayer’s Hashira are among the most intriguing characters. Many of them are attributed to the series’ best husbandos. Demon Slayer’s concept alone is entertaining enough to warrant an otome-based game, and some of the characters could be great potential candidates for their own paths in an adaptation.

Tengen, Rengoku, Obanai, Giyu, and Muichiro could all be entertaining routes. Because of the nature of Demon Slayer’s game It’s appropriate to have two distinct endings that are one “good” as well as one” bad” in each direction. This would be like Nightshade as well as Birushana.

Ouran High School Host Club has An Otome Game, However, It’s in need of a revamp.

Ouran High School Host Club offers an otome game for download on Playstation 2 and Nintendo DS. It introduced several new characters, and made players become Haruhi. It was a unique game with a number of mechanics that really immersed players into The Host Club’s world. Host Club. It was a fun visual new.

The game was released in Japanese and it’s not holding up to today’s standards. In the end, a lot of Ouran players believe it’s the right time for the game to get it’s own reboot, which would then be playable on Switch.

Yona of The Dawn Would Be An Inspiring Otome Game

Yona Of The Dawn is an action-packed series of shojo that could be an enjoyable otome game like Birushana, Nightshade, and Code: Realize. Players can transform into Yona at the start of the game and will have several different paths to select from.

Hak’s is the ideal final route which would make it the “true” storyline in the video game. Kan Tejun Jaeho and Su-Won as well as Shin-Ah could be good ideal candidates for routes. Yun, Kija, and Zeno could create interesting routes, but they could also be important players in the story. It could also come with two endings, one good and one negative.

Players Can Experience The Sohma Family’s Drama for the First Time With A Fruits Basket Otome-themed Game

Fruits Basket is the juggernaut of anime shojo. The fans are puzzled as to the reason it hasn’t yet received its own Otome game. There’s a reason for that. Sohma family is filled with suitable candidates to be given the same route as Shigure and Hatsuharu. It isn’t necessary for players to turn into Tohru also.

Characters such as Kureno, Ayame, and Yuki are also likely to have interesting routes. Even the side characters, such as the student council’s resident clown, Kakeru Manabe, would be fun to be close to in an otome-themed game.

The Otome Game Like Kuroko’s Basketball Otome Game Would Give Each of the members of the Generation Of Miracles Their Own Route

The show is filled with unforgettable characters However, it was the Generation of Miracles truly stole the show. From the charming copycat Kise Ryota to the rough-around-the-edges Aomine Daiki, there’s a basketball player for everyone in this group of oddballs with overpowered moves.

If the Kuroko’s Basketball team had its own otome-based game every member from the Generation of Miracles would receive their individual route. Of of course, Kagami would have a route too. However, it would be interesting in the event that his route wasn’t accessible until players have completed the other six routes that include Aomine, Kuroko, Midorima, Kise, Akashi, and Murasakibara.

Bungou Stray Dogs Would Be A Smash-Hit-Otome Game

Bungou Stray Dogs is a loved seinen series that focuses on the gangs who rule Yokohama. They’re always at one another’s throats, yet their shared love for the city brings them together. Bungou Stray Dogs is home to many lovable characters such as Suicidal Dazai Osamu as well as the extremely organised Kunikida Doppo.

The majority of fans agree that the event that Bungou Stray Dogs were to have its own game It would be a smash. It’s like Collar X Malice or Piofiore Fated Memories. Dazai Chuuya, Kunikida, Atsushi, Ranpo as well as Akutagawa are all possible possibilities for routes in the Bungou Stray Dogs otome.

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