How to Fix the Uninstalled DLC Bug on PS4

You’ve already purchased your DLC So you must be able to access it whenever you want. However, certain PS4 gamers experienced their DLC being removed unexpectedly without a clear fix other than reinstalling the entire thing. Before you attempt to reinstall the game and going through your saved data it is a good idea to consider this simple fix, it’s a less drastic solution to solve the issue.

DLC on PS4 does not usually end up going belly up in this manner. This issue is due to the latest 10.00 software update that also came with new features. But, an unintended result was that DLC was not installed on certain PS4 devices, especially when the PS4s are equipped with the external drive for storing the DLC.

Although Sony will surely issue the patch when they solve the issue it’s not necessary to be patient. Reddit user SegaJAM posted a fix to r/PS4 this week, saving many users in the comments of their DLC and their sanity. It’s a quick, simple four-step method to restore DLC following an update to the game’s firmware.

To access your PS4 dashboard, press the PS button on your controller.

Click on Sounds/Devices and then select Stop Utilizing Extended Storage. You’ll get an alert telling you know that it is possible to unplug your external hard drive however, you don’t need to do it, so don’t worry about it.

Press on the PS button, and then select the Power option, then Restart PS4.

Then wait to see if the PS4 to scan the drive.

That’s it! DLC is expected to appear in the future on your external hard drive. Some have suggested in the near future, disconnecting the External hard drive and your PS4 prior to making firmware upgrades. This could prevent problem from happening the next time.

However, it’s possible the firmware update has affected DLC on the internal drive, too at least as per one of the posts on the Reddit thread. It’s unclear if this fix works in this scenario.

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