7 annoying iPhone problems and how to fix them

You have a love affair with you Apple iPhone. It’s your companion throughout the day. It gets you up at the crack of dawn and keeps you connected with your loved ones , and will entertain you during your time to relax.

The iPhones of Apple are known for their superior security. Although this doesn’t mean that they’re invincible, they’re more secure and less susceptible to being affected by malware than Android phones. However, it’s never hurts to be more cautious. Click here or tap here for 7 iPhone security settings that you can change today.

The iPhone is able to do everything. However, all that goodwill could be wiped out when you encounter one of these iPhone’s problems. Here are some of the most frequent complaints and solutions to these issues.

1 . It’s difficult to use it in one hand

Smartphones are growing in size and better, which is good because we increasingly use them for gaming and streaming. Also, don’t forget that there’s apps for every single thing. The bigger display allows you to easily access, edit, and use productivity applications like emails, calendars documents, and presentations.

The issue is that normal-sized iPhones (the ones that don’t sport”Max,” or the Max moniker) aren’t easy to operate with one hand. The thumb isn’t able to reach all the things especially when your hands are smaller than average.

There are a variety of methods to help make the iPhone more user-friendly even if you have only one hand.

The keyboard that is one-handed

Open Settings > General > Keyboard.

Tap the One-Handed Keyboard.

Pick the left or right.

It is also possible to start Messages by pressing the globe or emoji button. After that, tap the icon for either the left or right keyboard.

Go for the top

Click Settings, Accessibility and Touch.

Make Reachability active to allow you for you to reduce the upper of your screen.

2. The brightness of your iPhone’s screen changes constantly

The Apple’s Face ID does more than simply allow you to unlock the phone. It can also tell if you’re looking at your phone. If you look away, your screen goes dim. Your alert volume decreases.

It is possible to be annoyed with the fluctuating light. Apple offers you the option to disable the feature:

Visit Settings, Accessibility and Face ID. and Attention.

Stop Pay attention Aware Features.

3. Face ID can’t unlock your phone

What’s more irritating than watching the lock icon that is tiny and impossible to open? A variety of factors can trigger Face ID to malfunction, due to a poor lens or an improper angle. Here are some solutions:

Verify that your front camera’s lens isn’t stained or blocked by your screen protector.

Check that the eyes of your nose and mouth are clearly visible to the camera.

If you’re wearing masks, it is necessary to create your Face ID to use it. Navigate into Settings and select Face ID and Passcode. You’ll be asked to enter your passcode of four digits then scroll down to switch on Face ID using masks. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Click Settings and then Face ID and Passcode in Settings > Face ID and. Verify whether Face ID has been in place and that the features you wish to make use of it are turned on.

If none of the above fails then reset your the Face ID. Navigate to the Settings menu, then Face ID and Passcode, and then tap Reset Face ID. Click Make Face ID available and follow the onscreen directions.

4. Your iPhone microphone volume goes down during calls

If you’re on a phone and you’re talking to someone, your iPhone will monitor the surrounding surroundings and tries to reduce it to ensure that the person you’re talking to can better hear your voice. It’s an excellent function, but it may occasionally make it difficult for people to hear your voice.

Make sure your microphone is on and if you find that people are experiencing difficulty hearing you, switch off your noise cancelling feature.

Navigate to Accessibility Settings, Audio/Visual. Then turn off the Phone Noise Cancellation.

5. It isn’t as if you have the headphone jack

The the last iPhone flagship that came with a headphone connector is it was the iPhone 6s. For a short time, Apple offered an Lightning to 3.5mm adapter for the headphone jack on its phones, but this ended with the introduction in the XS as well as XR models. Then, you had to purchase the dongles on your own.

There’s no reason to be stuck to an Apple adapter but. There are many third-party optionsso that you can use your preferred wired headphones.

Certain Lightning adapters let you charge your phone while you make use of headphones while using the 3.5mm port. Charge while wearing headphones? This is something we’ve did not know about!

6. You’ve missed the home button.

It was the iPhone 8 was the last version with the home button. It was quite a while back, and we can understand those who want the tactile experience. Although you’re not able to put an actual home button on your phone, there’s an feature that allows you to get near:

Navigate to Accessibility Settings > Settings AssistiveTouch.

Switch on AssistiveTouch. A button will be displayed in your display.

Under Custom Actions Change how you want to use Single-Tap and Double-Tap and Long Press.

If you’re looking for the most similar experience of a home button, set Single-Tap Home. Then drag the button towards the middle-bottom of the screen.

If you tap the digital button you’ll instantly be brought on your own homescreen.

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7. You will receive notifications when muted conversations

Group messages are a fantastic method to keep connected with your families and friends, but the constant notifications may be overwhelming. If you’re not aware that you can block private conversations:

Hold a conversation and touch it within your Messages list.

Tap Hide Alerts.

It is also possible to make this change within the conversation by pressing the name(s) at the upper right hand corner of your screen, and then turning on Hide Alerts.

It’s a good alternative, but you’ll receive notifications when somebody mentions your name in the course of a conversation. You can switch this kind of notifications off as well. You’ll now be at peace (from this conversation, at the very least):

Click Settings and then Contacts.

Scroll down to Mentions , then disable Notify Me.

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