The most memorable nameless characters

What’s in the name? Sometimes, nothing. However, there are times when characters didn’t need the use of a name to create an impression. In fact, through the years, there were many fictional characters from various media who didn’t get an identity. Despite this absence of a well-known nomenclature yet, we can still recall these characters. The following are the most-remembered names of characters that prove there is no need for names to be noticed.

The Child (aka Baby Yoda)

The character is often referred to as Baby Yoda however, in reality the character featured in “The Mandalorian” is known within the universe of the show by the name of “The Child.” He is similar to Yoda and is likely to be of the same species, however his name is an unsolved mystery. In reality, he may not even have a name because the child is an unloved child (even being, as 50).

Cigarette Smoking Man

“The X-Files” is full of mysterious, spooky characters. One of them is “Cigarette Smoking Man,” an individual who is in the shadows and is famous for his habit of smoking cigarettes. He is one of the main antagonists in the show, frequently fighting with Mulder. Technically speaking, Cigarette Smoking Man’s identity was disclosed when the series is relaunched, however because he was the one who created all the way through the original run without an identity, we’re taking him into account.

Ugly Naked Guy

We don’t simply don’t recognize Ugly naked Guy’s name from “Friends.” We don’t even see him on TV. It’s logical, given the fact that “Friends” was a network sitcom. It’s possible to portray a character that is famous for his nakedness. The nickname that the six Friends use to refer to their neighbor is an indication that the characters of “Friends” are just as horrible as the characters from “Seinfeld.” Their show is just different.

The Waitress

Let it be Charlie Kelly to have a excessive, unhealthy obsession with the name of a woman whose identity isn’t even known to him. It’s true that nobody from The Gang on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” has any idea of The Waitress the name of her and she’s been present in their lives for a long time. Real life Charlie definitely knows her name. The star Charlie Day and the woman who is The waitress Mary Elizabeth Ellis, are engaged.

Number Six

Number Six definitely had a name at one time. But, once you are on an island in “The Prisoner,” you lose a bit of your identity. The character of Number Six principal persona who is played by Patrick McGoohan, isn’t the only one with an identifier rather than an actual name. The main antagonist named Number Two is not named for the entire show’s run.

The Man with No Name

In the film of Akira Kurosawa’s “Yojimbo,” the main character is a ronin who has no name. In a fitting way, since “A Fistful of Dollars” is heavily influenced by “Yojimbo,” Clint Eastwood’s character is called “The Man With No Name.” Technically speaking, the character is referred to as “Joe” in the first film in the trilogy by Sergio Leone however, he’s officially identified as The Man with No Name. The most well-known film of the trilogy, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” the character is named “Blondie” due to his hairstyle.

The Little Tramp

It’s quite amazing to think that Charlie Chaplin was able to appear in a variety of different films as the same character and never giving his name. This is the magic of The Little Tramp, one of the most unforgettable characters to ever. You’ve seen the look. Hat, mustache or mustache. Chaplin became a legend in silent film primarily because he was a man who was down on his luck and had no name.

Frankenstein’s Monster

We’ll explain if you wish but the monster isn’t technically named Frankenstein. This is the name of the doctor. The monster has no name. He’s simply the monster. This is true for many variations of the story dating through Mary Shelley’s initial novel.

Agent 47

James Bond is known as the 007 character, but we also recognize his name (hint that it’s Bond, James Bond). It’s not the case with another character proficient with guns. Agent 47 plays the principal character from”Hitman,” the “Hitman” video game series as well as the horrible film adaptation, starring Timothy Olyphant as the unnamed agent. The truth is that he’s one of the clones of the 47th clone, actually and hence the name.


The majority of Batman villains use pseudonyms, like Riddler, the Joker or the Riddler. But, we’ve seen the real name of these villains in a variety of instances. Bane is a different matter. Bane isn’t Jack Napier or Edward Nygma. He’s Bane. It’s possible to call him by his name, but it’s so innocent that no one actually has given him that name and put it on the birth certificate. This isn’t the situation for “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Bumblebee Man

There are a handful of “Simpsons” characters without names. Some of them, like Comic Book Guy, have had names given to them (Comic Book Guy’s true name was Jeff Albertson, a one-off joke mostly intended to anger fans). But, “Bumblebee Man” is not named. He’s just a person dressed in a bumblebee suit. We’re letting him play for the various nameless “Simpsons” characters, like Squeaky Voiced Teen and Wiseguy.

The Doctor

The name of the alien doesn’t belong to Doctor Who. It’s just “The Doctor.” The alien doesn’t have a names, and this is fitting due to the frequency they regenerate. It’s what Time Lords roll. The Doctor has had 13 actors chosen to play The Doctor, the latest of which is Jodie Whittaker, who is the first female Doctor.


Phoebe Waller Bridge’s “Fleabag” won a ton of awards. Her performance garnered a lot praise. What Fleabag does not have is the name. The only name she has is “Fleabag.” Since Waller-Bridge states that the show will end with two episodes, that’s sure that we’ll never know her real name.

Agent 99

We know that Agent 85 is Maxwell Smart. Without him, they could not have named”Get Smart “Get Smart.” We even know that the Chief’s initial title is Thaddeus. But 99’s name is unknown. Sometimes on the show, they would hint at a potential identity reveal however, it was always going to be played to entertain. Agent 99 is a lot better at keeping her identity secret, as we would guess.

The Professor and Skipper

In the making of “Gilligan’s Island,” all character names were chosen. Gilligan was even given a very first name and that was Willy. It is true that the names for Gilligan’s Skipper (Jonas Grumby) and the Professor (Roy Hinkley Jr.) were mentioned briefly in the early episodes of the series and only a few times after, so we believed that they were both part of the same family to this show.

Man in Black: The Man in Black

There were a lot of unsolved mysteries after “Lost” ended. One of them is the name that is actually “The Man in Black.” But, considering his supernatural nature, it’s possible the man doesn’t even have a name. Perhaps he’s just The Man in Black. Johnny Cash might disagree, but.

The Stranger

There are a lot of iconic characters from The Big Lebowski. Coen Brothers’ “The Big Lebowski.” One of the most famous are The Dude, who doesn’t identify himself by his name, but we recognize it. The one who is anonymous, however? The character of Sam Elliott, The Stranger. He might have a fantastic voice and a more impressive mustache but he’s not got any name.

The Old Man

“A Christmas Story” is one of the most controversial films, even though it is still shown each time during the Christmas season. The story is told from the eyes of young Ralphie as his father is seen through the eyes of a child. This is evident in the reality it is the case that Darrin McGavin’s character is known as “The Old Man” by his son.

Mr. Pink

The idea was to have everyone who was part of the group of “Reservoir Dogs” to not utilize the real name of their characters. That’s the purpose behind the nicknames based on color (a reference to “The Pelham Take-Away One Two, Three). There are some of the names which include Mr. White and Mr. Green. On the other the other hand, Steve Buscemi’s Mrs. Pink is so committed to his cause to refuse to divulge his actual name. Pink also doesn’t like tipping but that’s another matter.

The Bass Player

The bass member in a band typically isn’t a big source of affection, unless they’re the frontman (or Flea). This is the gist of the gag of “That Thing You Do!” In the movie, The Wonders write one hit track, and then get famous. It was apparently not enough to give his name or at the very least, to have the name mentioned in the film. He’s even acknowledged in the final credits as “T.B. Player.”

Young Woman

This is kind of a spoiler, but you’re free to go even if you’ve not watched “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” however, you’re planning to go to the theater. Jessie Buckley’s character is said to be the principal character however, she doesn’t have any name. In the end, we realize that she doesn’t have a persona. She’s actually not real, but rather an amalgamation of several women expressed by Buckley in his “Young Woman.” Hey this is an Charlie Kaufman movie. It’s weird.

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