28 Scary Halloween Costumes That Will Spook Everyone

There’s so much to like about Halloween. It’s a holiday that is incredibly enjoyable. The creepy style and spooky tradition as well as the chilling stories of course, the myriad of amazing Halloween costumes make it a cherished holiday. It’s a time when we can be transformed into almost everything, including the most terrifying things that happen in lifeā€¦and even the afterlife. If you’re in search of an outfit that truly delivers the thrills (in good fun of course) you can check out these terrifying Halloween costumes listed below.

These terrifying Halloween costumes offer some spooky options for women, men, youngsters, and even for those seeking a terrifying costume for their group. Add some twisty ideas for makeup and you’ll get something truly spooky.

The Nun costume

Costume yourself as the terrifying villain from one of the most frightening Halloween films to scare your family and friends an absolute fright.

Sith costume

Are you thinking of going into the Dark Side for an evening? This easy Sith look is perfect to Star Wars fans.

Carrie costume

You can transform the Halloween holiday into prom that went wrong by dressing up as Stephen King’s iconic protagonist from Carrie. All you require is this white sheath dress , dipped by fake blood as well as corsage (telekinesis is optional). For real-life nightmares, look up these stories about Ouija boards which are real.

Grim Reaper costume for kids

If you’re in search of some scary Halloween costumes for your children This Grim Reaper costume is sure to make a good choice. Its creepy eyes enhance the already scary costume. It’s a fairly simple Halloween costume that you can put together, too.

Vecna mask

Vecna has established himself in the world of villains following taking over the city in Hawkins in season four of Stranger Things. Honor the most powerful villain this Halloween by wearing this haunting mask. Bonus points if you wear it an alarm clock to make the character more appealing. If you’re really looking to scare your audience, you can try telling these scary Halloween tales that are equally scary and enjoyable.

Zombie bride costume

What’s not to like? This terrifying Halloween bride dress is easy to make. Paint your face with makeup then wear an white dress, and you’re on your way.

Costumes of Scream

Wear this simple but terrifying costume to pay homage to one of the most well-known slasher films. You’re bound to hear plenty of screams when you wear this costume! This is also a great Halloween costume for last minute. All you need is a mask , and some dark clothes. If you’re looking to watch something scary,

Skeleton costumes that scare you!

The skeleton is one terrifying Halloween costumes that’s fairly simple to make. All you need is black clothes (like leggings or the long-sleeved shirt) along with some white and black face paintand voila! You’re the spooky skull. It’s okay to carry the skull of a real person to create a creepy effect.

Costume for a scary clown

The killer clown mask is the principal element of this terrifying Halloween costume, obviously but it’s also aided by a spooky costume that features slash marks and the weapon that you can choose. Claws of blood, flying spiked balls, the options are infinite and disturbing.

Costumes for scary mummies

You can get into the spirit of Halloween by wearing this terrifying costumes for mummies. The toilet paper-covered mummy isn’t for your kids. You’ll be out in style this Halloween thanks to these well-worn, worn bandsages that are robust (and tied to the jumpsuit).

Evil jester costume

This freaky guy is not a joke. In the spirit of jokes, check some of these Halloween-themed jokes to make your friends laugh. bones.

Swamp skeleton costume

It’s not necessary to be living in the bayou to experience swamp-related frights this Halloween. Children will be thrilled to dress in this terrifying swamp skeleton costume, especially when they look at everyone’s faces when they go trick-or-treating.

Victorian bridesmaids costume

It can be a frightening vintage look when you get the right Halloween makeup. Scream!

Costume for Headless Horseman

People are likely to lose their minds with this terrifying Halloween costume. You can also get an infant version if you are looking to dress up as headless brood.

The most terrifying vampires

You’ll be the center of attention at your next event (or at the Halloween party) in this frightening costume. Combine it with a terrifying makeup look for a vampire and you’re set. Create a unique look by making up a legend of the vampire to create your own ghastly vampire. costume

A spooky ringmaster costume

Make yourself the crazy host of the most terrifying night ever! Your friend’s best friend could dress up as a scary clown and create a frightening circus duo.

The shadow demon

In this black, head-to-toe costume, you don’t have any other distinctive features, and you’ll blend into the darkness, which makes it more terrifying. Put on a pair of gloves that are too pointed, demonically shining eyes and some sneaky actions, and you’ve got an ideal recipe for terror when you approach uninvolved your friends.

Ghost pirate costume

This is a frightening Halloween costume that leaves an impression. Additionally, you can create a hilarious (or frightening) background story to explain the way your character came to their fate. In case you’re seeking something more on more of a lighter note, take a look through these cute Halloween costumes.

Costume for a haunted scarecrow

You’ll scare more than crows with this costume.

Halloween costume for Witches

Choose that classic Wicked Witch of the West appearance with green makeup and a black costume of a witch. You can make it appear authentic by having an witch broom!

Jigsaw mask

Do you want to play a game this Halloween? If so, you should dress as Jigsaw the terrifying creator of the gruesome games in The Saw series. This mask will surely make you gasp.

Slim man costume

Halloween is the ideal occasion to dress as Slenderman the monster that is the subject of a frightful urban legend. This is a basic costume that will provide plenty of thrills.

Pennywise costume

This costume is a tribute this costume pays homage to Pennywise of the 1990 IT miniseries. It’s as terrifying as the current Pennywise costume and is unique as well. It’s easy to be noticed in the crowd of Pennywises (which is scary, to be honest).

The Purge Light-up Masks

The main benefit of this set-up is that you are able to wear whatever you like provided you’ve got the masks. It’s equally terrifying and practical.

Plague doctor costume

Be prepared to put chills down people’s spines with this creepy costume for a plague doctor. You’ll leave a lasting impression, and maybe even appear in a nightmare.

Sinister ghost mask

Get dressed as a frightening ghost this Halloween, by wearing this terrifying ghost mask in the town. Wear it with a dark costume to create one of Halloween’s most famous monsters even more frightening.

Scary Jack-o’-lantern scarecrow

This costume is great for those who want to showcase their terrifying face painting skills. All you require is black and orange facial paints, an flannel shirt and straw hat to create the terrifying look.

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