10 Most Surprising Cartoon Crossovers, Ranked

Crossovers are a storytelling tool whose potential is only limited by a creator’s imagination. Whatever the quality of the overall work it’s always an amazing moment when the worlds of characters meet. Many crossover concepts are logical, particularly when they are set within the same universe.

There are crossovers among properties that are awe-inspiring. These bizarre mash-ups often occur in animation , especially children’s cartoons. They are usually entertaining to look at, whether finding out the reason they are mash-ups at all or simply the absurdity of having two completely different worlds and characters within the same place.

“Kim Possible and “Lilo and Stitch’

The Lilo and Stitch: The Series episode “Rufus,” Stitch gets taken hostage by an unknown force. As Lilo is determined to save Stitch by herself, Pleakley and Jumba contact someone who might assist Kim Possible. Unfortunately, they learn the fact that Dr. Hamsterviel been working together with Shego as well as Dr. Drakken in order to take Stitch and then clone Stitch.

Kim decides to take Lilo along with her alien companions with her, despite being uncomfortable with the idea of involving a young kid in such a hazardous task. In the meantime, Jumba is convinced that Ron Stoppable’s mole rat Rufus is an experiment by aliens and is constantly trying to take him away. It is safe to declare that we didn’t have this in mind.

“Jimmy Neutron” and “The Very Odd Parents’

The the crossovers of Nickelodeon characters are typically restricted in video games a notable exception was made in the form of Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly OddParents. They crossed paths in three television specials titled The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. The story starts with Timmy Turner decides to visit the most prestigious lab in the universe, the laboratory that is Jimmy Neutron. The result is a rivalry that transforms into friendship that spans across the multiverse.

Jimmy and Timmy swap the universes of their lives to meet their respective casts as well as their enemies and their own styles of animation. Unfortunately, as Jimmy insists on claiming his fairy godparents to be computer-generated Timmy’s lack-of-foresight can have unintended consequences.

“Teen Titans” and “Beetlejuice’

Even though Teen Titans Go! has been a bit controversial The show’s episode “Ghost that has the most” is well-respected by the fans. This Halloween Special, they discover that the Spirit of Halloween has mysteriously disappeared. In order to get assistance, they call the most powerful bio-exorcist in the world, Beetlejuice.

Numerous reference to the film’s the hit Broadway musical and unfinished the sequel to Hawaii’s theme are scattered throughout the episode as he aids the Titans in this case. Although Michael Keaton didn’t return to his role as Beetlejuice but they were able to get his former Broadway actor, Alex Brightman, to be able to wear the blue suit in the right way. His energy and jovial attitude makes this crossover among the best.

“The Grinch Grinches the Cat in the Hat’

This is the story of Unstoppable Force in Positivity colliding with The Unmovable Object in the form of Bad Vibes. It’s a is a Dr. Seuss mash-up has a rather bizarre concept – the Grinch is awake one morning with a jolly disposition until his reflection begins to talk to him. He returns to his gruff manner and heads out to spread the misery of others. The initial target that he spots will be The Cat in the Hat and he is taking picnic.

The Grinch starts to irritate and cause confusion to the Cat by using a strange machine, causing a lot of trouble for the Cat to the point that he labels the Grinch psychopath. It is not until the Cat calls that Grinch that his mom is there, it stops and turns over to turn a new page. A second victory to The Cat!

Rugrats as well as The Wild Thornberrys

Both of these series were animated by Klasky-Csupo therefore, on a certain level it’s only natural that they overlap. The result is an exciting ride. In the movie Rugrats Go Wild The family members of Rugrats travel to a tugboat atop an ocean cruise ship which is destroyed by the midst of a storm. They are separated on an island that happens to be owned by the Wild Thornberrys.

Soon, the two families meet and the two families meet, as Chuckie changes locations with Donnie, Angelica becomes besties with Debbie The children discover an amnesia-stricken Nigel as well as Eliza is able to find the family dog Spike. In the second case she’s able to comprehend Spike, and he has his voice as strong as Bruce Willis.

“Hercules” and “Aladdin’

The Aladdin animated series was a sequel in the same film featuring the Genie in free-fall as well as Aladdin engaged to the princess Jasmine. In addition, the Hercules animated show was the prequel to the film, and in which Hades repeatedly tried to kill the hero before he was famous. Therefore, it was the most pleasant surprise to see the heroes join forces in the sequel’s adventures.

The episode “Arabian Nights” Hades finds Jafar lost in the river Styx. When both villains come together over hilarious banter about their defeats, they decide to fight each other’s foes. Although at first, they battle, Aladdin and Hercules team together to defeat their enemies again. Despite their numerous divergences, they are quite a formidable pair.

“Batman” and “Scooby-Doo”

Mystery Inc. and the caped crusader are collaborating in a variety of TV shows including direct-to-DVD movies in comic books, and direct-to-DVD movies. The first time they appeared together was in two episodes from The New Scooby-Doo Movies. Although the specific plots vary but both feature Scooby-Doo and his gang discovering themselves in a different mystery in which they meet Batman and Robin along the same trail.

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They end with hijinks clues, and a run-in in which and the Joker as well as the Penguin. Since this was the 1960s, and the Batman show and the villains were at wittier and more silly threats and Batman has a more amiable personality, which is a benefit to Scooby’s wit.

“Steven Universe” and “Uncle Grandpa’

The Steven Universe episode entitled “Say Uncle” Steven is attempting to discover his Gem abilities when he is received by his Uncle Grandpa. He quickly assures the viewers that this isn’t the case and attempts to unlock Steven’s powers.

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The Crystal Gems quickly become involved; Garnet becomes aggressive, Pearl becomes more hyperactive than normal while Pizza Steve attempts to take Steven’s place , only to be devoured by Amethyst. This is a bizarre episode that combines two current Cartoon Network icons with vastly divergent tones, but is fun however.

“Freakazoid,” “Animaniacs,” as well as ‘Pinky and The Brain’

Steven Spielberg helped produce many loved animated WB shows during the 90s. As a result, the three of them would frequently reference one another in a variety of jokes. For instance, in one episode from Freakazoid the main character is referred to as Wacko. Then, Wacko Warner himself shows up to sing the song of the capitals and states. Wacko declares his opinion that Animaniacs is Steven’s most-loved show.

Freakazoid is attempting to argue with Freakazoid, but the Brain of Pinky and the Brain shows up to say that it’s his show’s elegant humor and charm that make Steven’s most loved show. In order to settle this argument The trio goes on a trip to Amblin Entertainment to ask Spielberg himself. He says, “who are you people?”.

The Cartoon All-Stars, to the rescue

There are many famous cartoon crossovers there’s Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. The infamous 1990 TV special was the result of a PSA film that was created to teach children about the dangers of using drugs.

In co-production with multiple television networks, it includes characters like Bugs Bunny, Winnie-The-Pooh, ALF, The Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Slimer from Ghostbusters and many other. They’re products or toys belonging to a girl whose brother is being enticed by the world of addiction. It’s an odd experience to witness these characters coming together for a specific motives that are dark.

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