Highly Competitive Welsh Corgi Caught Playing A Very Heated Game Of Tetherball

Tetherball may best be described as a game played in schools played mostly by children. Don’t let these corgis know that their favourite pastime is merely the play of a child.
Katrina Griswold and her family are lovers of corgis with a happy pack of seven beautiful puppies. Every outdoor gathering of the family naturally are corgi-themed and corgis can more than entertaining themselves by playing with toys. Particularly the round ones.

“They LOVE to chase balls. Particularly basketballs or something of the same size,” Griswold said to The Dodo. “They’re little Air Buds.”

Since balls are known to bounce around and become lost, Griswold’s mother considered it a good idea to have a ball that was connected with a rope to keep the enjoyment running. She decided to purchase an set of tetherballs.
Watching the dogs at work clearly shows that they’ve found what they’re looking for:
“We didn’t teach them at all! They just did it!” Griswold stated. “My first thought when I saw them playing was just how talented they are.”

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