California voters are overwhelmingly done with Joe Biden, poll says

California California voters don’t want the president Joe Biden to seek a second term, as per a the latest poll released on Friday.
A Berkeley Institute of Government Studies survey that surveyed 9254 voters who were registered in California during the past week, revealed that 61% believed Joe Biden should not run for reelection, while 31% who believe Biden should.
Separated by affiliation to a particular party and party affiliation, the results are more shocking. The majority (87 percent) of California’s Republican people do not wish for Biden to run for another term as opposed to 9 percent who support. California Democrats are, to the contrary are evenly divided 46% say they believe Biden should be running again however 46% say that he should not.
The fact that the majority of Republicans do not want Biden to run for another term is logical, but the reality that more than half the Democratic voters live in California is an area of liberal influence that has the most electoral votes of any state is significant. The findings of the new poll are similar to other polls conducted in the summer and show that there are plenty of Democrats across the nation who don’t wish for Biden to seek another term.
The poll identified 16 Democrats who could run for office in 2024, if Biden decides to step down (he has repeatedly stated it won’t happen) and none got the support of the state’s voters. California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders topped the list, receiving 13% support, while Vice-President Kamala Harris — a California native was second with a 10 percent. All of the options that were considered had greater than 7 percent of support from voters. 19% of voters said they were not sure.
“While many California Democrats are not convinced that Biden should run again, the absence of a clear Democratic alternative may afford the President more space in avoiding a serious primary challenge should he decide to seek reelection,” IGS co-director Eric Schickler said about the findings.
However the moment California Democrats had to be asked to name their second choice choices the results were bit more apparent. One quarter of the people surveyed stated that Newsom was their primary or second choice to succeed Biden. Sanders and Harris got 18% each after counting second-choice voters also as U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg came in fourth place with 13 percent.
All over the state, 71% California people are against an additional Donald Trump presidential bid -64% strongly oppose the idea but only 25% support. Divided by the party, nearly two-thirds of Republicans think Trump should run for president again, while only 77% of Democrats believe that he should.

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