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Mother of Invention Regional Conference --
Presenter Bios

Kley Achterhof, IP Attorney.
Mr. Achterhof's practice emphasizes intellectual property (IP) law, entrepreneurial law and the legal needs of new and growing companies. He focuses on patent, copyright, and trademark law; business entity formation; securities; and general business law. Mr. Achterhof counsels clients on IP strategy and portfolio management; provides opinions of counsel on patentability, infringement and validity; and represents clients with business litigation issues.


Eckehart Zimmermann , Founder & Owner Triad Engineering.
Eckehart Zimmermann has had a career spanning over 32 years in the mechanical engineering field and is owner of Triad Engineering Inc. and Global Sourcing Limited, LLC. He has extensive knowledge and experience in product design, manufacturing processes, equipment design, materials evaluation, and product management. He has worked with companies such as Hewlett Packard Company, Cray Computer Corporation, Gore and Navy Research Laboratory, ARL. Mr. Zimmermann's expertise in problem analysis and resolution has earned him design awards from such engineering publications as Machine Design and Design News. He has also been awarded patents for his designs of medical devices, consumer products and manufacturing equipment used in the electronics industry.


Cynthia (Cindy) Sdrewski, Senior Information Technology Resource Provider Supervising Researcher, US Patent and Trademark Rocky Mountain Regional Office.
Cynthia (Cindy) Sdrewski (an ASRC S&D contractor) joined the Information Technology Resource Provider (ITRP) team in July 2003. She is the Senior ITRP in the US Patent and Trademark Rocky Mountain Regional Office and an instructor in the Patent Training Academy and the Patents Hoteling Program. Prior to joining the ITRP program, Cindy held several jobs in computer software training as well as in software development. Cindy brings to our team a solid IT background coupled with significant experience in software development and training. Cindy holds a Masters in Management Information Systems from George Washington University with a B.S. in Math/Computer Science from SUNY at Potsdam


Rita Crompton, FLeCusa International.
Over the past thirty years, Ms. Crompton has started, or helped to start, no less than five successful businesses in four distinct and unrelated industries. Because of her superior marketing skills and the business relationships she has established and nurtured in the national marketplace, Ms. Crompton and her company, FLeCusa International, provide a unique service to clients wishing to enter the marketplace or grow their business to a new level, nationally or internationally.During this adventure, Ms. Crompton has delved heavily into crowdfunding and other avenues that challenge inventors as they enter the world of funding/marketing/selling their product.


Doug Collins, President, Avid Product Design, LLC
Doug has 15 years experience designing consumer products and industrial mechanisms while managing projects and project teams. During his career, Doug has performed in a number of capacities, such as Project Manager, Research Assistant, Operations Engineer, Project Engineer, Plant Manager, Design Engineer, Product Development Engineer, Functional Test Fixture Design Engineer, and Engineering Manager in a variety of industries.


Ian Osborn, Inventor & and Founder, Wild Ideas Light Company.
Ian is a successful inventor and manufacturer. His area of expertise is electrical circuitry and LED lighting. He has done custom circuitry and lighting for a variety of designers and architects before patenting his own designs. Ian currently has four patents pending using his unique high-intensity miniature products. As president of Wild Ideas Light Company, Ian Osborn has manufactured products in both China and the US. The most difficult part of manufacturing overseas is maintaining good quality control. This is much easier to manage right here in the US. Ian now has all of his products manufactured right here in Colorado. Learn how to identify manufacturers right here in the US for products that used to be more cheaply done overseas. Learn the right way to manage your project for the best results.


Ray Burrasca, Managing Director, Windom Peaks Capital, LLC; Founder & Organizer of Colorado Crowdfunding Meetup.
Mr. Burrasca is a seasoned business professional and senior-level corporate executive with over thirty-five years of experience in the areas of corporate transactions, finance and strategic planning. In addition to managing the financial affairs of the companies for which he has worked, he has also been responsible at different times for heading up teams that have negotiated and successfully closed multi-billion dollar stock and asset purchases and divestitures, joint venture partnerships (involving both domestic and foreign participants), and major energy, equipment and land sales and purchases. He has worked closely with prominent members of both the Wall Street and Silicon Valley communities and has extensive experience in virtually every area of private equity, including hedge funds, leveraged buyout funds, mezzanine capital lending and venture capital, among others.


Brad Friedman
For nearly 30 years, Denver native and "Recovering Attorney," Brad Friedman, has served as a trusted advisor to business owners throughout the United States. As an attorney, the head of a charitable foundation and a business owner, Brad draws upon his hands-on experience to help businesses harness the power of the Internet through Inbound and Social Media Marketing. Brad's extensive background in the business world enables him to provide his clients with a unique advantage. The Friedman Group manages & monitors social networks, creates profiles, builds social brand sites & websites, and works with professionals and businesses on networking, word-of-mouth-marketing, blogging, tweeting, updating, linking and more.


Langston McDowell
Langston McDowell is a design engineer and owner of the boutique firm Narrow Gate Drafting & Design, LLC in Breckenridge, CO. He produces 3D designs in SolidWorks for prototyping and manufacturing. His product scope and previous design experience includes consumer, industrial and medical products. He also produces patent illustrations for utility and design applications. His professional experience spans a variety of industries over the last decade: biotechnology, medical device development, civil & architectural engineering. He has worked in the area of innovation and intellectual property over the last 6 years, specifically. Langston earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida.



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